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    1. How soon would you like to get your vehicle into our shop?

    2. Were you injured in the accident?

    2b. If yes, are you, or will you be, working with an attorney?

    3. Will this be an insurance claim?

    Note: Most claims that are more than $1,000 should be put through as a claim. Most damage that is bigger than a quarter, or is more than one panel typically exceeds this amount. 98% of our clients that initially don’t want to use insurance on the first phone call, ultimately see the value of using the insurance that they pay for. Here’s the math. Even if you are paying $3000/ year for premiums and they go up 20% (highly unlikely) your rate would go up $600/year, if you had a $1500 claim plus $250 for a 5 day rental after tax is close to $2000. It would take over 3 years to equal the savings of paying out of pocket. We also offer a free insurance quote for our customers that might be paying high premiums as it is. Please ask your repair coordinator about this benefit.

    3b. If no, will you need a rental while your vehicle is in the shop?

    3c. If no, please select the nature of your issue, and upload images if needed.

    If you will not be using insurance, please submit this form now. You do not need to answer the remaining questions unless you will be filing an insurance claim.

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    4. Who will be paying for the repairs?

    5. Have you filed a claim yet?

    If you have not filed a claim yet, but plan to do so, please skip to question 6

    5b. If yes, did they ask you to send pictures?

    5c. Have you sent pictures?

    Note: we recommend no pictures, and we require in-person inspections per state law and in the interest of your customer rights being preserved.

    6. Has the insurance company written an estimate?

    6b. If so, do you feel that it is an accurate assessment of the damage?

    7. Do you have any additional concerns about the safety of your vehicle?

    7b. If yes, please describe your concerns below.

    8. Do you feel safe driving your vehicle in its current state?

    Note: If no or you are unsure, we recommend letting us tow your vehicle from your home, the tow yard, or wherever the vehicle currently is, to our shop immediately.

    Part of helping you RELAX! is recovering your vehicle.

    We will initially pay all of the towing and storage charges in good faith knowing that we will be reimbursed by the paying insurance company.

    Once the vehicle is safely at our shop, we will do an accurate estimate of the damages, provide documentation of this damage including health scans, frame measurements, and any invoices pertaining to towing and storage charges.

    We will also correspond with the insurance company to get an in-person CT licensed appraiser to inspect your vehicle properly, not over the phone, or by photos. This protects your customer rights and can severely impact negotiating your claim.

    Please acknowledge that virtual inspections are typically 40-50% less than in-person inspections.

    If you waive your rights to an in-person inspection, out of pocket charges may apply to cover these differences.

    Our mission is to help you RELAX!, by having little to no out of pocket expenses on this claim.

    Please note: as of January 1, 2022, in person inspections are done by 100% of carriers. Despite what a 1-800 attendant may tell you, they all MUST do this as it is required by law. Don’t waive your rights, don’t fall for their tactics… even better, let us handle it! It’s what we do everyday!

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