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Vintage Trailer Rental Los Angeles

Vintage Trailer Rental Los Angeles

Are you heading out with your family or looking for some quiet time on an open road? Perhaps you are looking to take an epic cross country road trip, or you want to travel around to explore the campground around? Getting the services of Los Angeles RV rentals can put you on the path to having a great time with yourself, your family, and even your friends. And when it comes to making the perfect choice of vintage trailer rental in Los Angeles, Launche Pointe is your go-to for Los Angeles trailer rentals.

Our Vintage Trailer Rentals

Our RVs are luxury, clean, well maintained, and comes with custom furnishings and layout to ensure that you have a memorable experience during your camping.

We are not just a travel trailer rentals in Los Angeles; we are the epitome of luxury RV rentals with our focus majorly on ensuring that our customers enjoy their ride with comfort and elegantly.  

Each of our trailers comes with a private deck with patio furniture. They are all equipped with RFID locks that help you to secure your trailer. Our trailer seats are leather, they come with stainless steel appliances, and embedded in them are the essentials - comfortable beds, a couch, etc., depending on your choice.

Our vintage trailers are free from water damages, which could be one of the worst things to happen to an RV. Our trailers are void of leaks or any other related issues.

The electrical systems of our trailers are working perfectly well. You do not have to worry about having any electrical issues with our vintage trailers.

We understand that floor repair can end up being a major undertaking as sometimes it will require removing existing dinette seating, bed frame, etc.; it's nothing to worry about with our trailers. We pride ourselves that our trailer floors are solid and void of any soft spot.

Our prices vary with respect to season and your trip length. We offer competitive pricing and dedicated service, and we are proud to back this customer's testimonials.

Our vintage trailer vans have no external fixtures, repairs, scratches, or markings – no logo, board, or artwork to indicate "a tourist sleeps here." The cars are clean, new, in good condition, and perfect for stealth camping.

Our in-depth knowledge of this classy environment, coupled with the deep experience and distinctive understanding of what keeps these unique dream machines - vintage trailer vans on the road is unsurpassed by any competitor in the industry. We're dedicated to helping you experience the most unique and memorable vacation of your life with our vintage trailer rental service in Los Angeles.

We desire to give you that feeling that would make you yearn for more.

Our pride is in our excellent and quality customer service. We ensure that when our customers get our RVs for rent in LA, they enjoy great comfort while they travel.

Are you looking for a vintage trailer and airstream rentals for a glamping vacation? Let us provide you with our Los Angeles trailer rentals services that are guaranteed to meet your needs. Book with us today for the best boating and RV camping in SoCal:

Vintage Trailer Rental Los Angeles
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Vintage Trailer Rental Los Angeles
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Vintage Trailer Rental Los Angeles Vintage Trailer Rental Los Angeles Vintage Trailer Rental Los Angeles

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