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6.5L engine

6.5L engine Are you interested in the 6.5L engine? Bostic Motors is a proud supplier of engines and parts to the US Military, including their Optimizer engines for Civilian and US Military AM General built HMMWV. You can be sure that Bostic Motors will not offer or use inferior Asian-sourced parts or components in the manufacture of their engines as they specialize in new aftermarket and remanufactured engines and components only.

Bostic Motors has been building and servicing the 6.5L engine since the 1990s. Due in large part to exposure on the Internet, along with their offering the unique combination of high quality engines at exceptional prices, Bostic Motors has been able to ship their engines to every one of the US states, as well as many countries around the world.

It’s easy to see that the rising costs of diesel fuel combined with the cost of new diesel trucks in the $50-60 thousand dollar range would make interest in a 6.5L engine that is able to best other trucks in fuel economy surge. When you consider that the 6.5 can offer unrivaled fuel economy, it becomes a more attractive option than even the GM Duramax or the Ford’s 7.3, 6.0 and 6.4 Liter engines. Dramatically enhanced durability and reliability only serve to increase the impressive nature of the 6.5L engine.

Consider the improvement of the block and heads:

- The new block utilizes a new iron called molybdenum, a metal that offers a 20-25% increase in strength, without being brittle. The new design of the block incorporates improved main bearing webs and caps. Along with these features, they’ve strengthened the holes in the block deal and improved on the head gasket durability. Overheating issues with the 6.5L engine have been overcome with changes to the water jacket design.

Redesigned heads have added chromium to the cast-iron to eliminate the small cracks between the valves that the 6.5 and 6.2 were prone to. Please note that new blocks are not from China. Bostic Motors received blocks as raw castings, then perform bore and decking, readying the engine for the build-up.

The oiling system has been revamped as well:

- Notice the improved durability and longevity with the new high volume, high pressure oiling system.

Internal components were not overlooked either:

- Mahle Clevite improved on both pistons and connecting rods since the time when the 6.5L engine was used by General Motors. Connecting rods are more durable and pistons are stronger and lighter.

There has not been a single block or head crack issue to date- an impressive improvement. The 6.5L engine is available from Bostic Motors as a long block and as a drop-in. Visit for more details and pricing or to learn more about the 6.5L engine.

You can rest assured that with Bostic Motors’ unlimited milage, one-year warranty that covers every engine they sell, you’re going to be a very satisfied customer. For more information, feel free to call 828-453-7779 to speak with a specialist. 6.5L engine
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6.5L engine 6.5L engine 6.5L engine

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